2 new cloisonné enamel necklaces

I have been experimenting for months and months, learning the vagaries of opalescent enamel. It’s a very fussy beast but once mastered it’s beautiful. I also tried my hand at making a Viking weave chain and like everything associated with handcrafted, bespoke jewellery, it took time but the result made it all worthwhile.

Note the little pearl peeking out in the centre.

domed enamel necklace

… and here is my other cloisonné opalescent enamel necklace that I recently finished. I love how the triple necklace of pearls perfectly compliments the opalescent enamel.

enamel neckalce with 3xpearls

Both necklaces are available for sale through my website and can be found in the Cloisonné Collection/necklaces section:   https://www.robinphillipsjewelry.com.au/


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